I fell down the stairs...
I just got my 5D mark II and i want to play with it!!!
This weekend will be my first try out and i am thinking of doing a new serie of selfportrets!
Its been a long time ago that I updated my Deviant art and other webs with new pictures of myself...

I feel soo sad these days...
maybe it is because I didnt shoot a few days!
I miss it so much!
Photography is trully my life, I feel empty when I can't play with my camera!

hope to feel better really soon



I feel so ashamed that i don't update my blog alot these days...
I must say it has been very busy and stressy lately!

I did so many new photoshoots and on top of my personal concepts i need to work on client work first.

I normally should be in Milan right now!
Unfortunately my husband needs to be in surgery and i want to be here for him ofcourse.

So I will have to reschedule everything and the trip to Milan is now planned in July!
here a preview of my recent photoshoot in Paris


F♥ HUSH Magazine

F♥ HUSH Magazine

Cover Preview!
First issue Launch Summer 2010!


Perre Dal Corso, Akif Hakan, Luc Coiffait, Damon Baker, Elizabeth May, Laura Ferreira, David Maire, Melissa Rodwell, Giel Domen, and many others...


Preview Shoot with Lianne

So as promised here is a lil preview of my photoshoot with the super sweet and talented Lianne Vermeulen.

Only 8years old...
She is like joy and hapinness in a jar
Smiling and being sweet all the time!

She is a child with so much talent!

I was very tired after the shoot cause i did the make up styling and its really too much for just one person...but i am sooo proud of the results!!!


Bunny Skyes

Hope you guys like it!


Pastels again!

Oh my god guys i dont know what it is with these soft colors but i just love them!
they make me happy!!!

Just like these shoes!
The price doesnt make me so happy but who cares!! They have such pretty colors and i love the doubble platform!!!

And look at that dress! Love it!


Hi guys!

My photoshoot with Lianne was sooo amazing!!
I will be posting a preview on my fan page on facebook and here aswell.

We did 4 outfits started with a lovely fantasy theme then went to super cute bunny ears and finished with a lovely fashion styling and a pair of white raybans! how cool is that??!

I was sooo tired after the shoot, i made the clothes and some other things the night before was up untill 4 in the morning...

Woke up at 8 and the had the shoot from 11h to almost 17h.
Came home and fel asleep immediately!

Today i normally had a great photoshoot with Melanie Paeleman but the horses we wanted to work with where not available today! So we had to cancel the shoot...

The sun is shining today and i am going to enjoy this Sunday with my husband.


FW Most lovable

I absolutely loved the Chanel collection!
Especially the heart/ bram stocker dracul hair (ofcourse a sweet version of that)

The pastel colors wich are my fav where so pretty and you could see that accent in the models hair with huge bow and coloured hair highlights!!!

I think i am going to do a coupe chanel like that on my next shoot!

here is the dracul version lol


What What What?

Ok sorry for that stupid title!
And sorry for all my spelling mistakes...

The sunshine is making me sooo happy right now i just want to grab my camera and go into the woods and shoot all the pretty things in there...

I am really missing my strange concepts and fantasy shoots, i focused so much on fashion lately that i feel a little empty...

Dont get me wrong i love fashion shoots but i preffer those strange and magical photoshoots where a picture just makes you dream away!

I am going to some vintage stores in a few hours and then wil start working on more dresses and accessories for my photoshoot Saturday with the gorgeous and amazing Lianne she is soooo young guys and amazingly talented!!!
Like super sweet golden curls and big blue eyes!
Its going to be awesome!

So i think i am going to grab my camera anyway today and do a last minute shoot!

Bye guys!

All things pastels

I dont know what, but there is something about this color...
I just love it!

I am actually a Pastel and soft colors lover...
I am currently working on some dresses for the Sherbet Editorial.
I cant wait to start on that!

I love sherbet!
I want that super cute mint coloured dress and i want mint or light blue hair!!!
How cool would that be??
Pity my hair is so dark! Maybe a Wig is a good option?
Sorry for the random post guys!

Long time...

Hello Guys

I feel so sorry i am not updating this blog more often...

I just dont have so much time lately, on top of my clients work i am also working on my own concepts wich take enormous time on planning.

I am currently more focussing on fashion photography, wich i absolutely love!

I feel so much stronger these days, and with all the bad things that happened to me lately, i have to say life had been complicated, but all this definatly made me stronger.

I feel very positive, and concentrate on my work and passion.

I recently did an interview for CJP Magazine, wich is a magazine for young students and creatives.
I think its a great initiative to encourage young girls and boys to be creative in theire life!

i have alot of new work that you can see here

And for making off video's just check my youtube channel.

bye bye guys