Shoot at the beach

God i have to say it was a really fun shoot,
everybody told me not to go because of the crappy weather!
I am so glad i did go anyway...

it was very cold my hands turned blue lol and the wind was freezin!!

Anyway here are some pics


Update shoot Laetitia

I loooove these 2 pictures!

I love B&W i think it makes pictures so much stronger...

Here are they

Tomorrow is the Group shoot on the beach!
I cant wait i just love the beach and they are so many great ideas in my head!

Pfff i am sitting here with a redbull in the mornig!
I am just so tired these days!

Also my sweet dog Kenzo is sick...i need to go to the vet later poor thing.


Beauty shoot

Hii guys

So i had my first Beauty shoot yesterday!
It was really fun i ofcourse did the make up and styling.

Model was again Laetitia i love to work with her she has the perfect skin lol

Here a little preview

I have to say that i am really tired, i need to sleep more!
I mostly fall a sleep on my keybord these days...always editing pictures and making plans for future shoots!
Wednesday i will have a shoot at the beach...with 3 models!
Can't wait !


Beautiful day...

Today was a wonderful day...sunshine and we went to the beach eating some delicious fresh fish and enjoy the long walk on the beach even if there was much wind it was calming and serene.

I didnt take my camera with me otherwise i will be taking pics the whole day i dont think my husband will be happy with that Lol

I am going to Brussels next week i hope to get some more fabrics to make the outfits for the alice in wonderland shoot the 19th of april.

I need to make the corsets for the lovely girls Pauline and Jelka.

I am also thinking on going to Paris next month just me and my sweetheart, we are married 8 years on 30/03 and i really need some rest only the two of us, no stress, no work just me and him anjoying warm croissants in the morning some shopping and delicious diners every night :D

I will update with more pics really soon
I need to prepare for my shoot on Monday.


Kelly pictures update

So here some other pictures from the shoot with Kelly!
I am so sorry for the lack of updates lately, i had a busy week...

btw this is the dress i talked about in my past blog post...


Shoot Kelly: pictures

Here they are the first pictures of the shoot with Kelly
I love these...

More coming soon


Shoot with Kelly

I loved this shoot it was a bit darker i think...
The model is Kelly we went on a shopping dress hunt before the shoot and found the perfect dress in a vintage store.

I had some difficulties this time the shoot was in my appartment.
I dont have a studio i just used a cream white wall in my nail studio.
I really need to buy some light equipment i hate that shadow on the right side of the foto's...

Anyway i will be posting some pics really soon!


Little Update

I just ordered some wonderful new items on the net.
I will definatly be using them for photoshoots!

I adore these pink stockings they are so cute and will fit perfectly in my new projects
I ordered 6 different models with satin bows or rainbow stripes!

I am now looking for a rent studio...not far from where i live, i am planning on making some beauty shoots, only portrets and very special make up.

I nedd to go get some sleep now lol i am sooo tired...


Princess can play soccer

Something i wanted to do...
I love the combination of cute dress and all stars...

Model is Laetitia again ofcourse and the guy in the second pic is my brother, he is a soccer player...
I love to play soccer to but i suck at it lol


Shoot Laetitia II

Another update on the shoot with Laetitia
But this time with another outfit and make up.

It was very cold the day of the shoot!
Laetitia did a great job haha hope she doesnt hate me after


Thank for looking

Shoot With Laetitia

I had a lovely shoot with Laetitia Yesterday!
I wanted to do something special had alot of work with make up and hairstyling but it was really fun to do.

She is so sweet i love to work with her!
Here some pics :D

After doing first make up...dont mind my face lol i was really tired.

Some more pics

More Coming Soon