What What What?

Ok sorry for that stupid title!
And sorry for all my spelling mistakes...

The sunshine is making me sooo happy right now i just want to grab my camera and go into the woods and shoot all the pretty things in there...

I am really missing my strange concepts and fantasy shoots, i focused so much on fashion lately that i feel a little empty...

Dont get me wrong i love fashion shoots but i preffer those strange and magical photoshoots where a picture just makes you dream away!

I am going to some vintage stores in a few hours and then wil start working on more dresses and accessories for my photoshoot Saturday with the gorgeous and amazing Lianne she is soooo young guys and amazingly talented!!!
Like super sweet golden curls and big blue eyes!
Its going to be awesome!

So i think i am going to grab my camera anyway today and do a last minute shoot!

Bye guys!


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