Nasty Gal

You know when you find this amazing webshop and you start to put all the stuff you want in your basket...
Shoes, accessories, stockings, cardigans and leggings...

At the end you see the total and it is wayyy too much!
So you start removing artikels and at the end its so frustrating that you decide to check out another shop...

Maybe they have something similar and cheaper LOL

Well at Nasty Gal you CAN'T do that!
Because once you fall in love with those stunning Jeffrey campbell shoes or those super cool cheap monday tops!

Here some of my fav pieces from the shop!

Invade my every dream

A Little preview of my latest editorial...

Models: Justine@ Jill models & Matthieu Inglese@ Dominique models
Styling: Stof Fie
Photography: Me

More Soon!


White inspiration


I absolutely love the color white...
so pure and bright

I have an obsession with everything white lately, highly bleached hair, unicorns (lol yes unicorns) and other bright stuff!

I made a little style using white and bright elements combined with religious and dark accents.

I love the contrast of such a beautifull and neutral color combined with dark and sinister accessories...

Let me know what you guys think!
Planning on doing a fotoshoot inspired on this...

as soon as i got more time!
It's been crazy lately!!!


Feeling Dark?

Little Update

Hi guys

it has been months ago since I updated my blog!
I feel very guilty!

Its been such a busy time for me.
I ve been shooting so much these days.

I am now focusing on client work mainly and tests for agency's.
Want to update my portfolio with new work.

I have to see this is very stressfull...
Like I really need to push myself everyday, It is a hard world and full of injustice.

I've been featured on Ben Trovato on friday
you can see the interview here BEN TROVATO

My editorial with Cesar Casier has been published in FIASCO magazine

I will update my blog or at least try to do it in a daily base.