Dark & Vintage Romance

Sorry for the lack of updates dears!

I really need to post in here every day!!!

I had a really busy week!

Here are some wonderfull pictures from the Romance Shoot with Roxanne de Craene and Joost van Duppen!

Make up is from Charline vanderweeen.

Thanks to you all for the wonderfull shooting day and thank you to my brother Raffaele and His girlfriend Laetitia for the support and help!


Yes so the shoot can go on on sunday!
I have a second model and the make up artist is coming!

I really hope everything will go smoothly!

I also have BIG news!

I have my firs Fashion Editorial coming soon!
In paris!! cant wait!

I will be working with a wonderfull team and with the High fashion Designer Burkhalter Couture form Geneve Switzerland!

In other news i really need a new lens and some light tools i just wish i had someone to sponsor me on that!
Its so expensif...

ah well
we will see...


So Angry

Well Today is not my day thats for sure!
I have a Duo Shoot planned this Sunday!
And the Make up artist aswell as the Female model are just not answering my mails...

I hate it when they do that how in the hell am i supposed to find replacement for Sunday!!
Ah well i guess there will always be people like that...

I will update soon with more kick ass pictures!

Much Love

Tutorials on the way

Hello Guys

Just wanted to let you know that i am working on lots of tutorials!
Check my blog soon for more info about them.



Wow so sorry guys it seems like i am neglecting this blog...
I really need to make more time to post here!

Its been really busy arround here!
Stress and more stress!
I wil update with lots of new pictures!
For now here are some Behind the scene pics!
Let me show you how i work lol