All about Shoes

Yes offcourse by now you all must know that I have an addiction to shoes!!!
I had the most busy weeks of my life working as the editor in chief of HUSH Magazine
Been asked for some Make up jobs and my photography...

I guess I am at the point now where I have to make a choice...

Anyway! Today Came a big box filled with some amazing New Look garnments, shoes, bags...
and also some cool pieces from Comptoir Des Cotonniers and Napapijri.

I will tell more about that in my next post.

Now let's talk about shoes, caus I've seen the craziest shoes these days one of my favourite are these gorgeous Ice Skate inspired Shoes from Dsquared!
How stylish would it be to actually do some pirouettes on ice with these?
Well it can be dangerous but I guess these shoes just remind me how in love I was with those white ice skates as a kid.

Strange Corck legs by Jan Taminiau

Lovelly ballet Hi heels from Jean Paul Gaultier!



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