My trip to Paris

Hello Guys

I was back from Paris on Sunday, i went to Paris for my Fashion Shoot with Burkhalter Couture.
First of all everything was amazing, i had a really fun time and the Designer Stephanie is amazingly talented and such a sweetheart!

Her creations are just amazing!
I love the dresses we used for the shoot and i look forward to our next shoot in Paris in November...

We have many projects togheter!

Now you all know that 1 days before i had to leave for Paris the Make up Artist emailed me that she couldnt come to the Shoot.

Great! But that went alright!
Lucky that i had all my make up and tools!
Thats the reason i preffer to do the make up myself because sometimes you just cant count on peoples and need to do it by yourself!

So on Saturday the day of the shooting, i was getting ready with the make up and everything.
Stephanie Burkhalter came to the hotel and we started to talk about the make up and hair, she showed me the dresses and i was immediately in love!

it was by 10.30 that i started to call the Model Laurie Lou but no answer came from her.
After 10 calls and texting i recieed a message from her.

On her way to the aeroport she had a car accident and was unconscious for almost 3 hours.
There was my luck again! Poor thing she looked forward for this shoot for a long time...
Me and Stephanie wanted to be sure she was ok and we will have the chance to work togheter in the future...

I started to panic because i was in paris with no make up artist and now also without model!
But Stephanie told me she has been working as a Model for almost 10years !

So she was the perfect model to show her creations right?
Really tall, pale skin and a beautiful face.

I started to do the make up and we took a taxi to the champ elysee.

We took pictures at the Great Palace, place de la concorde...

I will talk more about my weekend in Paris in my next post.