Versace for H&M

I am really excited about this collection especially about the leather jackets and that beautifull skirt!!! Anyway I will be working on the 17th hope my husband will go for me!!
I said no pity if its the last piece just TAKE IT!!!

haha anyway who is going to the launch on the 17th??
What are your fav items froms the collection?

The Rabbit Hollow

Hey guys I just realized I never posted a link about my new inspiration blog.
It's just a tumblr where I post daily pictures that inspire me.

Not only in my work but in everything I do.
There are so many wonderfull artists, designers and other amazing creatives here on the net!
I love to share the things that I love.

Hope you guys can find inspiration on it aswell!


Tu veux ou tu veux pas

This would be the definition of a super hot outfit for me today.
I love the pink tones and I think the make up look from Lime Crime fits perfectly!
Leaving the lips very natural and nude.

Hair in a grungy weave style and some loads of bracelets and long necklace
Like this amazing crystal necklace from Garnett Jewelry! BIG LOVE!!!

Lita's from jeffrey campbell off course

I started at a new job part time on top of my photography and make up.
Working in a heaven of make up , cosmetics and perfumes!!
HEAVEN like I said!
Yesterday was my first day!
I am allowed to use any perfume, skin care, make up I want during the day!!!
I mean Thats all I need. Lol



My First Video

Starlight Starbright!

I just love to lay on the grass on a summer night and just watch the stars...
Enjoy the soft wind and the smell of freedom!
I know you are wondering how does it smell...I think its just a combination of different sent like fresh grass, flowers, the air.

I enjoy those simple moments where I can just feel free and don't mind about anything or anybody!

Here some new pictures of my shoot wit the beautifull Maria



Hi guys

So here is a little preview of my photoshoot with the beautifull Maria from Models by Keen agency.
Styling was by New Look, Comptoir Des Cotonniers and Napapijri.



I have so much to tell...
but not alot of time to update my blog as it should!!
But doing my best guys ;)

I had a great editorial with Super Model Benoni Loos in Paris we did the cover story for Hush Magazine.
Make up was done by the amazing Olivier Baille and styled by Kawa H pour make sure to check out his work it is splendid!!!

Anyway you guys will see this serie soon!
I went to Paris after the male fashion week in Milan.

I had a test with this great brazilian model Rael Costa from Why Not agency!
These are a few of the pictures we took.

We stayed at this cute appartment at Navili in Milan in front of the water...
It was great! I can't wait to get back!!!


All about Shoes

Yes offcourse by now you all must know that I have an addiction to shoes!!!
I had the most busy weeks of my life working as the editor in chief of HUSH Magazine
Been asked for some Make up jobs and my photography...

I guess I am at the point now where I have to make a choice...

Anyway! Today Came a big box filled with some amazing New Look garnments, shoes, bags...
and also some cool pieces from Comptoir Des Cotonniers and Napapijri.

I will tell more about that in my next post.

Now let's talk about shoes, caus I've seen the craziest shoes these days one of my favourite are these gorgeous Ice Skate inspired Shoes from Dsquared!
How stylish would it be to actually do some pirouettes on ice with these?
Well it can be dangerous but I guess these shoes just remind me how in love I was with those white ice skates as a kid.

Strange Corck legs by Jan Taminiau

Lovelly ballet Hi heels from Jean Paul Gaultier!


FW Milano

I am preparing for Fashion week in milano...
Really excited to be there!
Will be travelling again with my good friend and talented make up artist Charline.

Planning so shoots with Why Not models agency!
I am just freaking out for the luggage!!
I just hate the fact that every time I travel I have two full cases I can't close them easily and everything in it is IMPORTANT!

I mean my camera, make up , laptop, SHOESSSSSSSSSSSSSS haha
all very important!!
I recieved the schedule of the shows! EXCITED!!!

In other news I am working on something very unique at the moment it will take a few more months but I will be posting more info soon!


Daybreak Boys