Long time...

Hello Guys

I feel so sorry i am not updating this blog more often...

I just dont have so much time lately, on top of my clients work i am also working on my own concepts wich take enormous time on planning.

I am currently more focussing on fashion photography, wich i absolutely love!

I feel so much stronger these days, and with all the bad things that happened to me lately, i have to say life had been complicated, but all this definatly made me stronger.

I feel very positive, and concentrate on my work and passion.

I recently did an interview for CJP Magazine, wich is a magazine for young students and creatives.
I think its a great initiative to encourage young girls and boys to be creative in theire life!

i have alot of new work that you can see here http://antonellab.carbonmade.com

And for making off video's just check my youtube channel.

bye bye guys


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