Hi guys

you know the feeling, spending lots of money on very expensif cosmetics for your skin...and be everything but happy with the results?

Well I used Kenzoki (wich is very good but after 1 or 2 months it didnt had the same effect anymore)

I had Sisley, dior, estee lauder and all those expensif products...

But then in NY i was like addicted to Duane Reade I went like almost everyday for new goodies and beauty products...

There I discovered some AMAZING cheap drugstore skincare products!

AND I can tell ya Neutrogena are the best and cheapest products I have ever used!

Believe me my skin is so much healtier now, glowing and as for pimples they come only et the period of the month...1 or 2.

They are very effective I must say!

The only problem, I can't find them here in belgium!!

This is sooo annoying!

I absolutely need these ASAP

a selection of the ones I use

every day (the best product ever and it leaves y skin mat the whole day!!)

So why give tons of euro's or dollars on products when you can use these ones...

Every skin is different and maybe some of the brands are amazing for other people...

But for now I will keep on using these products as they are the only ones where i trully see some results.

more info here




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