I have so much to tell...
but not alot of time to update my blog as it should!!
But doing my best guys ;)

I had a great editorial with Super Model Benoni Loos in Paris we did the cover story for Hush Magazine.
Make up was done by the amazing Olivier Baille and styled by Kawa H pour make sure to check out his work it is splendid!!!

Anyway you guys will see this serie soon!
I went to Paris after the male fashion week in Milan.

I had a test with this great brazilian model Rael Costa from Why Not agency!
These are a few of the pictures we took.

We stayed at this cute appartment at Navili in Milan in front of the water...
It was great! I can't wait to get back!!!



MellowYellow said...

nice work ;D xo

Acappellla said...

whoa! if there is a man finer he's not on earth.. (sighs)

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