Beautiful day...

Today was a wonderful day...sunshine and we went to the beach eating some delicious fresh fish and enjoy the long walk on the beach even if there was much wind it was calming and serene.

I didnt take my camera with me otherwise i will be taking pics the whole day i dont think my husband will be happy with that Lol

I am going to Brussels next week i hope to get some more fabrics to make the outfits for the alice in wonderland shoot the 19th of april.

I need to make the corsets for the lovely girls Pauline and Jelka.

I am also thinking on going to Paris next month just me and my sweetheart, we are married 8 years on 30/03 and i really need some rest only the two of us, no stress, no work just me and him anjoying warm croissants in the morning some shopping and delicious diners every night :D

I will update with more pics really soon
I need to prepare for my shoot on Monday.



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